Your Big Adventure!

By on December 13, 2015

Your Big Adventure!

Drive Round Route £35 per vehicle per trip

We have a two to three hour option to take your own vehicle around parts of our Drive Round Route. We have selected sections to suit the vehicles that are likely to be coming. Good AT tyres will be required and off road driving experience and understanding. Maximum 6 vehicles per led convoy. Price is per vehicle. Recovery and advice available as required. We will use two different sites, one on each day with convoys running as morning or afternoon bookings. 10- 1300, 1400 – 1700 both days.

Adventure Road Book £15 per vehicle

If you wish to extend your Drive Round Route or just wish to undertake a navigational challenge we have a road book that will take you to the start of the Drive Round Routes. A basic navigational understanding is required. This route uses single track tarmac sections, there is no planned off road element.

Offroad driving Tuition £35 based on 2 sharing. – We are able to offer upto 1:2 ratio instructional 4×4 Driver Training lessons in your own vehicle. Expect the lesson to last 45mins. The course is designed to be non damaging and the instructor will tailor the course to suit your individual requirements and vehicles capability. (Within reason!)

Remote Recovery Training £15per person – We will be running a 4×4 Recovery Training course using non vehicle mounted winch systems over the course of the weekend. Min of 4 people per course. We will provide all the equipment you will require less a set of gloves which you should bring. 45min lesson.

Technical Discussion £10 per person– Following on the success from previous events we will be again offering people the chance to attend one of our technical 4×4 discussion groups. These groups are customer led where we will convey our knowledge of various off road systems and aids to help enable you to get more from your vehicle. Topics that can be covered included torque biasing diffs, Terrain response, Hill descent control, Electronic traction control, Gradient Release control, Stability control. There may be practical demonstrations to the discussion depending on requirements. 30min session, min 4 people.

Passenger rides £15 per person

If you don’t wish to take your own vehicle around the Drive Round Route you can book a passenger seat in one of our lead vehicles. Price is per person. One person per vehicle. Must be 16 or over. You will be driven around the route be one of our experience off road instructors.

Drive Round Route Tuition, £Price on application.

Perhaps you wish to undertake some Tuition in one of our vehicles, or your own, on the drive Round Route. This is an advanced course above that of the basic Off Road driving tuition offered above. Good clutch control and an understanding off road systems is expected.