Bush Mechanics Camp Craft with David Gunning

By on March 6, 2016

The Big Outdoors – Bush Mechanic’s Camp Craft – Field to Fork

David Gunning and his partner Lyns of Bush Mechanics, have spent a lifetime gaining experience, working on vehicular expeditions in all conditions all over the world.

At the Big Outdoors, they will be discussing their training philosophy and demonstrating their love of Camp Craft.

Come along to the 2 free 1 hour workshops to learn all elements of field to fork.

So what will be covered?


Shelter – Examples to be covered:

  • Axe and saw demonstration
  • Different types of shelters to put a roof over your head. All weathers, environments and climates discussed.
  • Watch demonstrations and have a go to make your own abode.
  • What materials are best?
  • Placement?
  • Where to look.
  • Vehicle discussions


  • Materials – what burns best? Building a stock pile.
  • Tinder
  • Fire lighting methods – pros and cons – what is the fire for?
  • Practical exercises
  • Types of fire for cooking
  • Extinguishing the fire and giving back to nature, “leave only footprints and take only memories”
  • Utilising vehicle materials


  • Knife skills
  • Hunting and Trapping / Shopping or Grabbing
  • Food resources – what’s avaialbel at particular times of year and climates
  • Preparation – Field, Air and Water
  • Get involved, see demos and try for yourself.
  • Dutch oven and tripod
  • Foraging
  • Drying, preserving and smoking
  • Manifold cookery talk.


  • Where to look?
  • How much is needed? Groups size and needs.
  • Effective use of – determinant on different climates and conditions.
  • Filter, treat and make useful.
  • Effective and safe recycling of water.
  • Vehicle – watering the vehicle and making use of vehicle methods of collection.