By on March 3, 2016

Here’s some answers to some Frequently asked questions we have received:

1) I am coming up in my everyday car, what’s the access like?

We are using a relatively flat grass field for parking and camping. You should not experience any issues with parking a standard 2wd vehicle in the field (unless it is a low slung vehicle) assuming we are not spending the weekend in the rain!

2) Do you have vehicles we can hire?

You can use your own 4×4 to take on the safari course or book a place as a passenger in one of our vehicles. Alternatively you can drive one of our vehicles if under tuition on a 4×4 Driver training session. Regrettably we do not have 4x4s that you can take away to use on the routes on your own.

3) What insurance is there?

The event has a third party liability policy which will displayed on the main event notice board. Individual traders will have their own cover for workshops/training. If using your own vehicle you should consider your own insurance requirements against damage as you feel appropriate. There is no vehicle insurance cover for your vehicles at the event from us.

4) I see you have lots of supporters, will they have products/trade stands there?

We are fortunate to have some great backing for this event. Some of the supporters are intending to come to talk about their products, some are sending us items with literature to display. You should not expect to find trade stands in general at the event. Our emphasis is on a social, unpressurised gathering.

5) I would like to bring my family – what can they do whilst I am involved with the 4×4 elements?

There is the opportunity for them to join you. Children and partners would all benefit from the Drive Round Route around the farm. Or if 4×4 is not their thing, there are several options in the local area – canoeing for example from Tiverton/Bickleigh. If they want to be close to hand but don’t want to sit around in the campsite they could try our navigation route. Navigation not their thing, why not try the RC Crawlers.

7) RC crawlers; supplied or can I bring my own? Is there anywhere I can charge the batteries? 

We are working on making some crawlers available for guests to try out, if you have your own please feel free to use them, the RC area is free for you to use. Batteries, if you bring your 240v charger we will have somewhere onsite for you to charge them.

8) I am hoping to attend your event, can you let me know if dogs are allowed (obviously on a lead and well behaved!

Yes they are, as long as you they are under close control, the location is a working farm. It sounds like yours fits the bill no problem

9) Are the activities on a strict timetable

There is a timetabled program of events. We will be aiming to run the various activities over the times stated as we don’t have the man power to run all of them all the time. If you want to do something but will miss it as it clashes with something else, just talk to us, if we can make it work for you, we will.

10) Cars caravans tents? What can I / can’t I bring?

 Cars, Caravans, Tents, Roof Tents, Awnings, Bivi Bags, hammocks etc all welcome (if you have a twin axled caravan please contact us first BEFORE booking). Bear in mind the event is in a remote field and aimed at overland vehicles. We cannot guarantee the weather so if you want to come in a car or bring a caravan you must let us know so that we can make arrangements should the weather be wet in the run up to the event. The idea of event is to recreate the atmosphere on an overland trip so we would kindly request only limited use of generators in daylight hours. 

11) My friend is umming and ahhhing about coming can he pay on the day if he decides to come?

No, Pre-booking is required for the Big Outdoors, instructions on how to book can be found here. However your friend could attend as your plus one under your booking.

12) We have a buggy as we have a 6 month old, is there some where local I can stay? Are there any walks locally?

Huntsham Court is within 1mile of the site. There are plenty of B&B in an around the Huntsham/Uplowman Tiverton area.

13) Will there be refreshments available throughout the day/night?

No, you should plan on being self-sufficient. The nearest shops are approx. 30mins away including a Tesco.

14) What’s happening on the evenings other than stargazers? Is there maybe a night time drive stage/trails? I heard things are different at night? Bonfire? Pig roast?

There may be some illustrated talks on various overland trips that participants have done in the past. We are hoping there will be a large communal fire pit where people can gather and share stories while roasting marshmallows or whatever.

15) Can we have fires?

 Raised BBQs and fires will be fine provided there is absolutely no risk of grass or any ground damage below/around the fire and that you use either charcoal or provide your own firewood (nail free). 

16) Looking at your event website, it says its a multi-day event but i can only find a programme of events for 2 days – is this correct please?

 The program of activities runs for the Saturday and Sunday only over the event period. The Event is open for three days for you to enjoy the camping location, maybe undertake your own activities or book some mountain biking, kayaking or similar?