Rules & Regs

By on June 10, 2016

While we would like to maintain an informal and relaxed atmosphere on the campsite, we also ask that everyone behaves in a responsible manner with regard to the site and to your fellow campers. The following guidelines are for everyone’s benefit.

Vehicle movements

The campsite is on a working farm with no surfaced tracks or hard standing. We aim to minimise the potential damage to the field, especially if the weather should turn wet. To that end, please do not make unnecessary vehicle movements after setting up camp. After arrival, your vehicle should only need moving in order to participate in one of the drive-round activities, or else to leave the site to participate in an offsite activity. You are kindly requested not to drive around the site, simply to save walking a few meters, to use the loos for example.


All dogs must be kept under close control AT ALL TIMES. If in any doubt please keep your dog on a lead at all times. Please clean up after your dog and dispose of it in the dog-mess disposal pit that will be provided.

On-site water supply

more info soon


We welcome the use of fires provided they fulfil a few basic requirements, mainly that there is no damage to the ground and vegetation. Therefore, only use raised stoves or fire grates with a protective sheet underneath, so that there is no chance of risk of damage to the grass beneath. Please bring your own fuel. It is possible to buy locally produced charcoal from the garage where you leave the main road about 6 miles before the campsite.


Please dispose of your litter responsibly. No tins or bottles to be thrown on fires PLEASE. We will have containers for tins, glass and plastic containers. If it will burn, please burn it on the communal fire. If it will compost down, please throw it in the compost hole. All other waste should be bagged up and taken home with you as there are no other means for its’ disposal on site. Before leaving, please check your pitch to ensure there is no litter, including cigarette butts. Anything you leave behind is very likely to end up in a bale of hay and get eaten by stock. Please bear that in mind.


We will provide portaloo type toilets on site, as well as a basic men’s urinal. Please use the urinal where appropriate! There is no on site facility for the emptying of motorhome/caravan waste containers.


More info coming soon


On this point, if you bring your own generator, can we please ask that you use them selectively. People are coming to the site to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the local area. Please do not spoil it with generators running all day and night. In all cases we ask that no generators are used after 2100hrs or before 0900hrs


The area is very rural and generally there is a very low security risk. However,

please ensure all valuables are kept safe and locked away out of sight if leaving camp. The organisers cannot be held responsible for any loses or damage of any personal effects.

Should you wish to use your own vehicle on any of the vehicle dependant bolt-on activities at any of our events please note the following requirements will need to be met in order to comply with event insurance

Snorkel: Advisable in order to drive all the sections (although note that any of the sections can be missed out/driven around if you want to give it a miss).

MOT/TAX: Vehicle must be road legal, that is a current MOT, plus taxed and insured as public roads will be used to link sections. Please be advised that everything you drive you can opt out of (with some reversing) there is a risk of vehicle damage.

First Aid Kit: Each vehicle is to have a first aid kit.

Recovery Points: Your vehicle MUST have suitable front and rear recovery points to enable winches to be used to extract stuck vehicles.

Recovery Kit: You are advised to bring your standard off road recovery equipment, shovel, any winching associated kit.

Personal Items: A pair of stout boots, (walking or similar), waterproofs, thermos, and some lunch.

Winches: Not essential but a nice to have, ideally we try and ensure there is a winch between two vehicles.